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Rescue workers in Japan have begun a desperate search for survivors after dozens were found dead or missing following widespread flash floods on the southern island of Kyushu triggered by record rainfall. As rescue work continued Sunday, local authorities confirmed that the dead were presumed dead in the floods - ravaged in the southwestern Kumamoto and Kagoshima prefectures, while the search and rescue operation for more than 1,000 people in the northern and southern parts of the country continued. Japanese military vehicles delivered relief supplies, including blankets, hygiene supplies, food and water, and two ospreys flown in from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni to Kumimoto, including several from the US Navy.

The site allows you to search for hotels in Japan (including Kumamoto, of course) and book online, and allows people here and in other parts of Japan to have foreign food sent home. The page states that reservations are possible for any hotel in the country, not just Kyushu, Kagoshima or the southern part of the island. It is not located in Kumimoto, but currently offers a list of hotels and restaurants as well as information about food and beverages.

If you are proficient in Japanese on a computer, the page provides a link to the Japanese page, which is the link below. This page provides basic statistical information about the prefecture, although there is no Japanese. The Japanese version of the site specifies the time as Japanese local time and provides other information such as wind speed, which are not found on the English site. The information is presented in Japanese, although it can be read in English even by people who do not read Japanese (and there are no links to Japanese-language pages).

If you feel the earthquake and want information about the magnitude of the quake and its epicenter, visit this page of the Japanese Meteorological Society. This page will be updated if there is a small earthquake somewhere in Japan with a noticeable quake, which may be the first information you see. All correspondence should be addressed to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, not to the US Embassy in Tokyo.

If you are planning a trip to this part of Japan, you may want to click on the FREESPOT MAP to learn more about access points you can use on the go. You can search for hotels on the Kyushu map on this page or click on Kumamoto.

If you are particularly interested in river courses, you can click here to see a map of the Kyushu River Basin and then click on Kumamoto City. You can see the river level and the basin in which it is located, as well as the water level at different levels. English, this page provides information about water levels at different levels in the Kansai Basin. Kumamoto is connected to the World Trade Center Tokyo, Tokyo International Airport and other major cities in Japan.

Kumamoto Prefecture offers a section that briefly presents the history, nature and various facts about the prefecture, as well as a website called "Industrial Site Search Site" aimed at high-tech industries wishing to establish themselves in Kumamoto. This study was supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science, Technology and Industry. Kenritsu - bijutsukan kenrutsu ku - kamikazu Komikaze konkatsu kukai kunjutsukai, kakusho kokai - kan, "KUMamoto, Kansai Prefecture.

When you travel to Japan, you can experience one of these sports first hand, whether you just observe it or actually practice it. Sakuranobaba Josaien is divided into three areas: the first, the second and third and the third. The first areas will feature interactive exhibits that are ideal for discovering Kumamoto's history and culture, as well as a kimono-wearing museum for those who want to learn more about the history of the prefecture and its cultural heritage. There is also a tourist information centre, so you can experience the beautiful nature of Kumikawa in this unique place and learn about its history, culture and various aspects of sports, such as konkatsu kukai kunjutsukai.

Visiting Kumamoto now is a great way to rebuild the city, so think about being in Japan next time. Click on the links in the show above to go to the official Sakuranobaba Josaien website, as well as the Tourist Information Centre and Konkatsu kukai kunjutsukai Museum.

The charming Kumamoto Castle is also home to the Satsuma rebellion, where samurai fought against Meiji government forces, and the historic site is the birthplace of Greek writer Lafcadio Hearn, who wrote a Japanese book about supernatural folklore and spirits. The 2016 "Kumamoto earthquake series," which included strong aftershocks, caused severe tremors that caused extensive destruction in central Kyushu. In particular, the central and southern regions where it occurred had a relatively high regional probability, with the most severe impacts in the eastern part of Japan, in particular in Kyushu, and in the western part.

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