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Kokutei Hei Ting, which has been in operation since 1957, is probably one of the most popular restaurants in the city of Kumamoto, Japan, and anyone who visits will not forget it.

So, as you can see, it is as easy to find a vegetarian restaurant in Japan as not eating meat, but vegetarianism is just not very popular in Japan. Kumamoto has a few places that are never crowded, one of which is Kokutei Hei Ting, known for its vegetarian menu and excellent service.

If you are not sure where to eat in Kumamoto, I have listed some popular restaurants in and around Kumamoto. The list of themes and restaurants you want to try is long. As the name suggests, this restaurant is a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ restaurant) specializing in aged meat. In the centre of the city, just outside the city centre, you can enjoy the view of the Kumamoto Courthouse Restaurant.

Specially selected azuki beans from Hokkaido are used in the mochi, which are made by artisans from crystal clear water from the Aso area. They have retained the traditional tonkotsu method and offer the customer a "tonkotu."

Basashi (raw horse meat), also known as Sakura Nikku (cherry blossom meat), is another Kumamoto delicacy that you should add to your culinary itinerary. The ideal place to try this quirky bite is the restaurant in the city centre, in front of the main entrance to the city centre. They specialise in local cuisine, but there are branches in other parts of Japan, and pork chops can only be eaten in Kumazaki.

It is at the very end of the Kurokawa Onsen, but it is worth the hike and there are some of the best puffs. It's only open for lunch and only open until lunch, so it must have a good puff.

For true vegetarians, Japan simply cannot meet their nutritional needs without a problem. Kumamoto City is also full of famous shops serving rich and savoury "Kumamoto ramen." With delicious fresh seafood, Japan is a dream come true, and the coastal Amakusa region hosts some of the best dishes - pouring local fish.

Kumamoto Prefecture in western Kyushu is famous for its horsemeat, known as Sakura Nikku (cherry blossom meat). It is also one of the symbols of regional Japanese cuisine and many tourists from all over the country visit the area just to taste it. Kumamoto's food guide has a list of the main ingredients - eat local food and the best places to find it when you visit, so travel slowly.

Aoyagi is certainly a reason enough to stay alone in Kumamoto if you happen to be in Kyushu. And finally, don't forget to stop by Shiratamaya Shinzaburo Bai Yu for a delicious lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants in the city. Join us next week as we explore the fantastic places in and around Kumimoto on our travel blog and food reviews and enjoy a fabulous regional meal at Izakaya Negibou. read more

If you fancy Japanese buckwheat noodles, Iromomiji's is the place to be, serving some of the best soba in Kumamoto. Japanese cuisine, it can be eaten with rice from various parts of a horse rolled in green onions and a vinegar miso dish known as hitomoji guruguru. Next, fermented soybeans are placed with an egg on rice with cows kept in the rich meadows of Kumimoto Prefecture.

The landmark to see in Kumamoto is the Yong Zuo, a symbol of the powerful Hosokawa clan that ruled the country during the Edo period. It is also recommended to find the Yokai - kai restaurant, located on the top of Yong - zuo in the city center, just a few blocks from the castle. Matsukaze is made from a variety of different types of wood, such as kimono, kimchi and katakana, and traditional kumamoto - guruguru or kamikaze - tsukaze, with the emphasis on maki (rice noodles) and kabuki (noodles with rice and rice sauce) in traditional style. Kumimoto Castle is closed for restoration and repair work, but YongZuo is still open to visitors.

The rear entrance opens into an area that houses a large number of traditional Japanese restaurants, and you will find houses with a wide selection of shops and cafes. Japanese food if you like it as much as I do , I suggest that you check out this article about some of the best dishes in Japan. In the next post, I will share two very nice restaurants I experienced on a recent trip to Kyushu, Japan, as well as a list of my favorite restaurants in Kumamoto.

The French Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ restaurant) has a very good selection of dishes, which are determined by the style and quality of their food.

Kumamon has been appointed Sales Manager of Kumamoto Prefecture and travels the world promoting the prefecture. Chances are you'll stay in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) or spend a night in Kurokawa Onsen. Kumamon and the other characters define the ambience of the experience, do their makeover and serve an inviting okami (Ladies Inn). Think of your prefecture or city as a ryokans (Japanese tavern) and start with a true Japanese style feeling (omotenashi).

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More About kumamoto