Kumamoto Japan Intercontinental Hotel

IG (InterContinental Hotels Group) is further expanding its position as the world's largest hotel chain and is the first of its kind in Japan to expand Kumamoto Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. The 1,500-room KUMAMOTO Japan International Hotel will be renamed, making it the second largest intercontinental hotel in the country after the IHG Tokyo International Airport Hotel, which will be operating under a new brand name on April 23.

The new Kyushu location, followed by Fukuoka and Nagasaki, is the second largest intercontinental hotel in Japan and the third largest in the country after Tokyo.

The Kyushu Shinkansen Express Train connects Kumamoto with several major cities, including Kagoshima, Nagasaki and Fukuoka. In a beautiful location, business and leisure travelers can experience some of the best the region has to offer as they know it. The hotel is located in the heart of two major cities, known for their busy business centers and delicious cuisine, as well as for its great location. It has access to a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues.

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The rooms are elegantly and functionally furnished, while you can dine in one of the numerous restaurants. Try to organize and plan ahead and find your selection of the best accommodation in Kumamoto, and remember that they are booked quickly.

Hokkaido welcomes over 100 million visitors every year, including over 800,000 international visitors who enjoy the island's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage and participate in its year-round activities. The best time to travel is in the summer months, when the average temperature rises to a balmy 27 degrees Celsius in July and August.

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is the holding company of the Group and is registered in England and Wales and registered in the United Kingdom. IHG is now the largest international hotel operator in Japan with 32 hotels under four brands, including the world's largest hotel chain with more than 2,000 hotels and resorts, and owns nearly 100 countries and territories in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Over the next few years, we expect to recruit over 90,000 additional positions within our companies.

Kumamoto, the capital of Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, was built in the 17th century by the then daimyo (ruler) and was long considered impregnable due to its innovative defence system. In addition, one of the world's most famous samurai rulers, Miyamoto Nozomi, spent much of his life in Kumimoto, and his family's house was just a few steps away. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was considered the most important city in Kyushu and enjoyed a reputation as a tourist destination and an important economic center for the region.

During World War II, Allied airstrikes burned about a third of the city, killing more than 300 people. However, it warned that some parts are still under reconstruction due to damage caused by the recent earthquake.

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More About kumamoto