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If you have ever been to Kumamoto and thought about going off the beaten track, this is the place to explore this side of Japan. Kurokawa Onsen, one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, is ideal for travelers looking to relax and enjoy Japan's natural springs and waters.

Discover some of the activities in Kumamoto, including visiting Kumazaki Castle and admiring traditional arts and crafts. Rent a Yukata for sightseeing and discover more about the history and culture of this small town in the heart of Japan.

If you want to do more, then Kumamoto has a number of must-do tourist attractions, such as Kumazaki Castle and Onsen Hot Springs. Visit the hot springs and you will find many places to try the water in Kumoto. Read Rediscover Ancient Japan for more information about the Onsen and its history, as well as in Japan. When you visit Kumimoto, you'll take with you everything you need to know about Japan's history and culture, from the city's history to the culture and traditions of its inhabitants.

Below are some of the best places to visit to get off to a good start, as well as some tips and tricks for your next trip.

One of the most scenic places in Kumamoto is the Suizenji Jojuen Garden, which has a beautiful garden in the area that can be enjoyed on a clear day. The park is full of traditional Japanese landscapes to enjoy, as well as some of the most beautiful trees and shrubs in the world.

Kumamoto Prefecture also offers a variety of activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking and mountain hiking.

The biggest highlight is the 400-year-old Kumamoto Castle, which was named the best castle in Japan by Trip Advisor (Japanese version) in 2013. The stone walls and fortifications of Kumazaki Castle are well over 20 metres high and have been renovated and improved by warlord Kato Kiyomasa, whose family Kumoto ruled 500 years ago. They are considered one of the three great castles in Japan. Together with Himeji Castle and Matsumoto Castle, it is one of the best preserved castles in the world and the second oldest castle in the country. With many historic sites in the area lauded as the "best castle tours" in Japan, Kumikawa has built a reputation as a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over Japan and abroad.

You can take the Kumamoto City Tram or take the Kamehameha Line, one of the most popular public transport systems in the country, to the city centre.

If you want to visit castles, temples, museums and Japanese gardens, you can follow a one-day Kumamoto route. Head out to see and sample some of the amazing sights and dishes produced in Kumazaki Prefecture. The next time you come to Japan and visit Kumoto Prefecture, it will help support earthquake recovery.

The most common way to travel is by LCC flight from Tokyo, but if you are coming from Fukuoka or Kagoshima, the Shinkansen Express Railway is the fastest way to get to Kumamoto. If you are travelling between FukUoka and Kumoto and plan to explore many parts of Kumikawa and other prefectures, you should buy a JR Kyushu Rail Pass to save a lot of money. Kumazaki Station can be reached via Kansai Station or by train from the nearby Shinksansen Station.

Since Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kagoshima are in the same Kyushu area as Kumamoto, express buses are also useful. If you are travelling from Osaka or Hiroshima, you will need to take the Sanyo Shinkansen to Hakata Station in FukUoka and connect with Kyushingu Shinksansen. Since the trip takes about three - and - one - half an hour, it is the fastest and easiest way to get from Hiroshima to Kumikawa, and also one of the quick and easy ways to get to Osaka. As long as you take a transfer, no matter what you choose, Kumazaki is reachable in less than an hour.

They are perfectly positioned to explore Kumamoto's history and be enchanted by this fascinating region of Japan. Flights from Tokyo are frequent and an easy way to include the Kumazaki region in your Japan trip. You can book your tickets 30 days before your trip for $30 per day or $1,500 for the entire trip.

March and April are the best time for sakura to bloom, and Kumamoto is very lively at this time of year with its beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom. The view is made even more spectacular in the spring and summer months by the high temperatures and abundance of flowers in the region.

Kumamoto has a lot of volcanic activity that has formed Mount Aso and has great hot springs, the most popular being the Uchinomaki Hot Spring and Kurokawa Onsen, both of which are very famous.

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